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Govindan Endocrine Reflexology

The vibrations that exist in life are in the forms of colors, sounds, fragrances, and symbols.

Endocrine Reflexology, or Spiritual Energetic Massage, aims at stimulating the reflex points on the sole of the foot that are linked to the seven endocrine glands of our body, which in return are related to the seven chakras; the most important of the vital points.

The stimulation of the reflex areas is guided by vibratory sounds, which reproduce the same frequency of the energetic centers of the body.

The main benefit of the Spiritual Energetic Massage is the harmony of the Endocrine system, which in return : increases skin elasticity, stimulates Immune system, increases blood and lymphatic flow, helps with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, encourages energy flow where energy is blocked, links the energetic subtle bodies with their information fields, connect the person with his/her soul.