Fullblue Fertility Holisticare

Assisted Fertilization Complement

My approach in assisting women to achieve a natural and healthy pregnancy is based on common sense, lifestyle changes, nutrition, detoxification, herbal remedies, and Maya abdominal massage.

It is important for prospective parents to know that, for most fertility issues, there are alternative modalities to the Assisted Reproductive Technology. Natural treatments usually involve both partners and provide a springboard for them to improve general health while supporting each other. It can be an empowering experience, even when assisted reproductive technology is required.

The causes of subfertility are varied; besides the frequent miscarriages, and autoimmune disorders in both men and women, they include problems with sperm count, motility, morphology, production of eggs, hormonal imbalance, irregular cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, endometriosis, Fallopian tube obstruction.

On the other hand, when unexplained infertility is presented, aspects such as nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposure, stress, sleep hygiene, endocrine and energy balance, subconscious believes, and subclinical health issues are usually addressed.

In cases in which ART is rendered necessary, and prospective parents choose to combine it with my work, a decrease in health risks inherently involved in the assisted reproductive physiological processes is usually observed, together with an increase in the rate of success on first attempts.

It is, therefore, safe to perform Maya abdominal massage up until the retrival and transfer, or IUI.

Direct massage of the uterus is not performed after the procedure has occurred.

Female Tonic (Rainforest Remedies) is contraindicated when any hormone is received to aid in this process.

Vaginal steams may be performed up until the retrieval and transfer has occurred. In truth, vaginal steams are advised the morning of, or one day prior to IVF, to warm the cervix and uterus.

Castor oil packs are safe to perform up until retrieval and transfer.