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Enhancing Fertility

How does Arvigo® therapy enhance fertility?

Arvigo® treatments improve hemodynamics and homeostasis by repositioning the uterus in its optimal setting. It has been estimated that approximately 30% of women, who have been struggling with conception, eventually conceive after a succession of massages, diet improvement, lifestyle modification, vaginal steams, castor oil packs, and integration of herbal therapies.

How does Arvigo® therapy support pregnancy?

Application of Arvigo® techniques improves the synthesis of hormones that results from the interactions between the placenta, fetus, and mother's body physiology. A healthy pregnancy requires an unimpeded flow of the arterial, venous, lymphatic, nervous, and chi systems. Arvigo® techniques also nourish uterine ligaments, and support uterine positioning. The application of these techniques throughout pregnancy increases the possibility for an efficient labor, birthing process, and reduces the rate of cesarean sections.

How does Arvigo® therapy help with postpartum care?

Arvigo® sessions help by strengthening and nourishing the uterine ligaments, and by toning the uterus. For women who have had a cesarean section, the massage is beneficial for breaking up fibrous connective tissue, and to increase blood flow in order to optimize the healing of the uterine smooth muscles.

Arvigo® therapy is the chief component of awakening the emotional path of fertility, and to walk the full length of a fertility journey we need:

  • Courage, to look within in order to make sense of the without.
  • Strength, to face obstacles, and to bear healing emotions that can come to the surface at any time during a session (and they are always welcome and a honor to witness).
  • Grace, to appreciate the beauty that change always brings forth.
  • Discipline, to set aside sacred time for oneself to practice self care.
  • Self-awareness, to pay attention to our body's signals, intuitive insights, and changes in inventiveness and imagination.
  • Humbleness, to recognize what privilege we have been awarded in undertaking the journey.
  • Passion, to hold the vision high during our ever evolving path.

We are journeying towards wholeness, and what has been forgotten about connection and unity must be remembered. While we embrace what is most feared, we fill a void and we soften what has been hardened. In healing and in seeking, we feel safe to express the self, its light and shadow, its male and female. And because we are becoming aware that the present is always perfect as it is, we learn to trust life.