Clinical manifestations of a cold uterus are:
– Primary infertility, delayed cycle, scanty period, small clots, painful period that is better with heat, feeling colder during period, pale face, sore back.
– Tongue is pale, thick, white coating.
– Pulse is weak, tight.
This is a condition from a kidney-yang deficiency and it is more common in young women.
The treatment of choice here is to warm the uterus (because cold restricts the flow of fluids and qi, the womb needs to be warm to sustain life, if the uterus is cold life cannot begin), to tonify kidney-yang (kidney-yang is the source of warmth in the pelvis), and to scatter cold (so that transportation and transformation of fluids and qi is restored).
Cold here happens to be pathogenic, and it’s called external when it reaches the uterus through the lower gate during menstruation or childbirth or surgical procedures such as D&C. In all these cases the cervix opens and the body is more susceptible to cold invasion. That is why is not advisable for women to walk barefoot on cold surfaces, to get chilled, to go swimming during menses or to sit on cold floors too often. Also, eating frozen foods and drinking cold beverages is viewed as internal causes of a cold uterus.
The kidneys in TCM are related to fear, to water energies. To balance our kidney qi we are asked to ride the wave of our fear, to see fear for what it actually is, to realize that fear has no real power over us. When we are fearful and we paralyze, our internal waters also become frozen, our fluids move slowly lacking confidence, our wombs are congealed as if in survival mode; all our energies are directed to feed and bow to the fear that holds us. This is far from what life wants for us.
Fear is so overwhelming because is the emotional counterpart of water energies. One of the unique properties of water is surface tension, and with this capillary action water seeks to fill even the smallest of spaces. Fear is bound to do the same, it floods and permeates the space between atoms and between this thought and the next.
A cold uterus is an indication of kidney qi that descends, like water and its ability to go deeper and deeper into darkness, to reveal what we don’t like about ourselves but also to uncover our hidden desire to flow with the art of existence.
The kidneys are represented by a spiral of energy: they are the source of our potential. It is not a coincidence that the representation of our metaphysical root is a spiral, the representation of our genetic expressions, the DNA, is a spiral, and the representation of our locality, the galaxy, is also a spiral. This is the primordial shape that obeys mathematic rules by keeping turning endlessly into renewal. With no effort.

JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember..every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you…

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