The healthy color of our menstrual blood is bright red. By keeping in mind that the menstrual blood is a good indicator of reproductive health, let’s explore together, from an eastern medical point of view, what it means if the color is other than red, for example if it is a dull color, pinkish (or watery), or purplish (or dark).

Menstrual blood that is dull in color may be caused by imbalances of water energies which manifest themselves in the belief that we are not enough, that we are inadequate and need to prove ourselves continuously. Menstrual blood dull in color can also be present in situations in which lives are not lived authentically perhaps because we do not know or don’t fully realize our power. Imbalances of water energies can be felt powerfully since water is, after all, the beginning and the end of any metabolic reaction happening in our body.

To strengthen water energies and vitalize the color of our monthly blood is particularly helpful to let go of fear by acknowledging it, watching it, accepting it for what it is and by breathing it out to gently release it. To let go of fear requires us to be courageous, and that implies allowing ourselves to be ourselves. Which can feel like a daunting task if we think we don’t know ourselves. So where to begin? We can start by identifying our values, getting to know our limits, exploring our passions, treating ourselves in the same way we treat our loved ones, being unique without feeling different, owning our own individual style without comparing ourselves to anybody, giving birth and nurturing our creativity, and finding and carrying out our innate purpose.

Menstrual blood that is pinkish in color may be caused by imbalances of earth energies which show up with digestive issues and overthinking. Excessive thinking includes too much concentration, brooding and especially worrying. Women with pinkish or watery menstrual blood are typically people who care too much for others and forget to take care of themselves. Mother Earth takes care of every living organism but it also knows how to regenerate itself and create boundaries. To correct earth imbalances, women need to learn to define their boundaries as well.

Drumming, singing, and dancing have grounding qualities, gently reminding us that we do have a center through which we connect with our higher Self. Our center is the place where events and people are accepted and transformed as if in an alchemy oven. Nourishing our weak menstrual blood also happens through eating consciously, for example eating foods that have been in contact with Earth for  period of time will contain the earth energies that are necessary to replenish ours. Common sense also tells us that we can correct our earth imbalances by walking barefoot and laying on the ground in Nature, this easily takes care of lack of vitality in most cases. Vaginal steams are a must here, as the essential oils in the herbs released through steaming are one of the most direct way earth plants contribute to the well being of our reproductive organs.

Menstrual blood that shows a purplish or dark color may be caused by imbalances  of wood energies.. energies that typically give us strength to move forward. When our menstrual blood is darker than red, there is usually a spiritual inflammation that leads to inward anger, such as depression, or outward anger, such as rage. Women, who have difficulty overcoming resistance and unable to move through life with ease, deal with conflicts and tensions as manifestations in their outer world of wood imbalances happening in their inner world.

To balance wood energies, create a meditation and visualization routine that helps with the flow of inner energy. Unimpeded energy flow actually balances the endocrine system. I would like to share a powerful medical meditation by Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa. This is an effective way to balance wood energies and to bring menstrual blood to a healthy color. Here we go:

“Tune in and center yourself by chanting ‘Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo’ 3 times.

Posture: sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight.

Focus: focus your eyes at the tip of your nose.

Breath: the breath will come automatically as you chant.

Mantra: this meditation is done to the mantra ‘Hummee Hum, Brahm Hum’ The chanting is done with the tip of the toungue.

Meaning of mantra: ‘We are we, and we are one’. On  a higher spiritual level, it means we are already everything we need to be.

Mudra: bend your elbows and bring your hands into prayer pose. All parts of the palms are touching and pressing together with equal force. Every time you chant ‘Hummee, Hum, Brahm, Hum’ press your hands together, pull the navel in, and then release. Make sure you chant each word with the tip of the tongue. The hand press is a compression like the beat of the heart.

Time: 11 minutes.

End: Inhale and hold the breath, pull in on your navel, and press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Hold for 15 second and exhale. Repeat the inhaling, holding the breath, pulling on your navel, pressing the tip of your tongue against the roof of the mouth, and exhaling 2 more times.”

Arvigo therapy is considered the bodywork of choice and integrated here to resolve all three element imbalances, by clearing congestion surrounding the reproductive organs, and by producing a strong tonic effect on the uterus itself thus ensuring the presence of healthy menstrual blood.

JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember..every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you…


-The Way of The Fertile Soul by Randine Lewis, PhD, LAc

-Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

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