The moxa technique is less sophisticated than acupuncture but it produces a wider effect that spreads in more directions. It’s a form of heat therapy and uses the leaves of Artemesia vulgaris (mugwort) in a rolled up way to form a stick that is burned an inch or so away from the acupoint on the skin.

Besides being very relaxing, there are major biochemical changes happening immediately after a moxa treatment. Production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and hemoglobin is increased, plus several validated studies show that moxa causes biochemical changes even in the circulation of lymph and production of antibodies.

The reason why I choose to complement Arvigo therapy with moxa for fertility is because both address, by different mechanisms, the lack of proper blood circulation in and around the reproductive organs. Now, not only moxa produces physiological and measurable benefits but the fact that is not invasive and that the warmth induces a psychophysical relaxation makes moxibustion a favorite for clients and practitioners alike.

The treatment goal can be either to tonify or to disperse. We tonify when the acupoint is in empty and needs energy. And we disperse when the acupoint is in full, blocked or stagnant, and excess energy needs to be dispersed. In order to tonify the acupoint, heat must be moderate and applied for a longer time, the moxa stick is rotated clockwise.

In order to disperse, heat must be strong and brief, and the moxa stick is rotated counterclockwise.

There are of course contraindications to moxibustions: low yin energy, high yang energy, hypertension, acute inflammation, skin disorders, fever and hyperemia.

In reality Arvigo therapy and moxa/acupressure work well together because, while Arvigo techniques support a diffuse increase of energy and blood flow, moxa/acupressure on the abdomen weaves that increased energy at the right angle at specific points interlacing the Qi threads almost in  a geometric fashion. Basically, Arvigo therapy provides the perfect fabric on which acupressure and moxa become the embroidery. Vice versa, acu/moxa offer specific focal points on which Arvigo techniques can draw more strength from.

JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember….every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you.

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