Dietary recommendations for PCOs can be found easily all over the net, but here I want to reach out to all women who may be feeling that there must be a way to supplement their diet to further stimulate the body to resolve PCOS.

So here are my tips on supplementation that targets insulin-resistance and in most cases helps greatly with early miscarriages and subfertility.

A novelty in the treatment of PCOs is a combination of natural substances that, taken together, can re-establish a normal ovulation cyclicity within 6-8 weeks. The substances are: alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, superoxide dismutase, and D-chiro inositol.

D-chiro inositol, according to Dr Antonio Lagana in a recent Italian research, reduces hyperandrogenism because of its astounding effects on the metabolic activity. D-chiro inositol is a nutritional supplement found in the B vitamin  group.

Super oxide dismutase is an enzyme with quite possibly the most powerful antioxidant activity discovered so far. Besides helping with PCOs , it is extremely useful in rebuilding tissue, decreasing inflammation, interstitial cystitis, cancer, improving tolerance to radiation therapy, and minimizing heart damage caused by heart attacks.

N-acetyl cysteine is both an antioxidant and amino acid, and outperforms Metformin in that Metformin only works on decreasing total cholesterol levels, while NAC significantly decreases both total cholesterol and low density lipo protein levels. For the purpose of fertility, NAC improves oocytes and embryo quality!

As for the alpha lipoic acid it has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity and decrease inflammation.

I couldn’t exit without mentioning herbs. The queen herb for PCOs is Gleditsia, according to Randine Lewis, PhD,. Gleditsia is able to dissolve the waxy capsule that forms around the ovaries in PCOs. The herb is to be taken only from menstruation to ovulation (follicular phase). By resolving phlegm it promotes ovulation..

Additionally, the bodywork of choice here is Arvigo abdominal therapy, and while it usually addresses energy flow, nervous flow, hemodynamics and lymphatic blockages, it is performed for PCOs especially to bring more blood to the pelvic organs.


Books by Randine Lewis, PhD.


JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember….every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you.

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