This BBT chart is a classic example of Liver Qi stagnation. The Qi that flows through our meridian is the same Qi that circulates in every part of the Universe, therefore relatively easy to change for the better.

When it comes to ovulation, Liver Qi is the one controlling it, and that is why it is good to talk about this common  example of BBT chart.

So, Liver Qi controls ovulation and directs and transforms blood before menstruation. In controlling ovulation, Liver Qi is called upon to convert the peak in estrogen, which can be seen as a dip in temperature in the chart, into progesterone. Such a powerful and mysterious undertaking! Therefore, ovulation is not to be considered an event, or an incidence, or a moment, or a point in space and time, but a fluid, uninterrupted, calm and pleasant process. The yin energy of the follicular phase gratefully leaves space to the mighty yang energy of the luteal phase. It is a sunrise! egg that, after being stored in the darkness of the ovary , emerges into the light like at every turning of the wheel.

With the Liver Qi stagnation seen in the chart the smooth sunrise process is not likely to happen. In these type of situations there is a build up of estrogen that prevents ovulation from occurring. Most women with estrogen dominant conditions such as PCOS, cancer, fibroids and endometriosis will present with a Liver Qi diagnosis.

To facilitate ovulation and rectify the estrogen excess is good to stimulate acupoint Lv 3, use herbs like Black Cohosh, practice Qigonq, get physical daily exercise, eat a diet of organic food, and meditate. This exercise practice http:// helps many many women, and if it is helping you make it yours :)….in case you do not BBT chart, and wondering whether you may have Liver Qi stagnation this is  a good post to check: http://  Happy full moon to you all!


Books by Randine Lewis, PhD

JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember….every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you.

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