V is for Vaginal Steams here at Fullblue Fertility…not only vaginal steams fluff up the vagina and cleanse the internal uterine tissue, but also purify the energetic and physical body of the lower abdomen.

It provides renewal, it let us come closer to our deeper selves, it helps to clear out emotions stored in the pelvis, and ensures that negative feelings don’t get trapped in our wombs.

Arvigo therapists use herbs such as red clover, yellow dock, lavander, marigold, rosemary, chamomile and more, and it doesn’t matter if it is done as preventive care or as a ritual, either way when we are done our vagina feels as good as new. Share your experience with vaginal steams, and make it part of your beauty routine…because beauty lies deep within!


JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember….every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you.

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