fruit-1323080__180“The word ‘ritual’ comes from ‘rtu’ sanskrit for menses. The earliest rituals were connected to the woman’s monthly bleeding.

The blood from the womb that nourished the unborn child was believed to have mana, magical power.

Women’s periodic bleeding was a cosmic event, like the cycles of the moon and the waxing and waning of the tides. We have forgotten that women were the conduit to the sacred mystery of life and death”

Elinor Gadon

The pomegranate as symbol of fertility. Doesn’t it look round “like the cycles of the moon”? Doesn’t its juice look red like “the blood from the womb that nourished the unborn child”? Doesn’t it ripe every fall like “the waxing and waning” of the seasons?

Yes, the pomegranate is ready in the fall, and the fall celebrates transformation and fermentation.                                                                            flower-212772__180The pomegranate, the language of fertility, a fertility that is wise and mature. Like a high priestess. A symbol that represents the feminine element that heals the Self and through the Self the Self of others. By way of alchemy, by way of fermentation, and by way of transforming the elements.

Therefore, autumn, and the pomegranate, introduce the idea of transformation of what is not useful anymore into something that can be used again, under a different form.still-life-1453135_960_720

What is it that it’s no longer of value to you, and that it would not make sense to get rid of at this moment, but that  can be transformed into something that has a meaning?

The pomegranate promises an enormous number of seeds, but accessing them proves to be difficult. How many times, month after month, fall after fall, the high priestess sits on her throne, being in her power while waiting for  her seeds to transform into a divine purpose?

pomegranate-989551_960_720-2The divine feminine draws from the spiritual as well as from the physical, therefore timing is everything. The pomegranate thrives in climates and in situations where most plants would die, it is deep bright red, has a grounding energy, but I suspect this fruit has access to a higher degree of information, just like the high priestess does.

To intimately feel and experience the raw energy of autumn, and to discover another dimension of fertility , we need to find  a balance between the female and male aspects of our personality, just like autumn finds an equilibrium between light and dark around equinox. Or we can experiment in reaching harmony between the physical and the spiritual, just like the inspiration the pomegranate gives us.

Let’s hike in the woods and on the hills to draw stability from Nature wood-1689668_960_720

We need to start a fire with all the dry leaves we can gather to draw energy that will keep our passions alive.

Let’s smudge our homes with sage, pine, myrrh incense to draw inspiration and higher understandings.

Or take a oat bath to reach down into the mysteries of our emotional world, and draw from their wisdom.

Let’s decorate our sacred space with pomegranate, lots of them, red and brown candles, wheat, vine leaves, dried herbs and almonds.

And share with our loved ones warm spicy dishes of potatoes and beans.

autumn-1031609_960_720Let’s come together! Tell us, what did you sow over the past months, how much are you keeping for yourself, and how much are you giving to others? If you have been going through fertility issues, how much struggle are you willing to let go now? What surprise did you receive recently that was unexpected? I would love to hear all autumn experiences!



JOYFUL HEALING!! and remember….every improvement is a movement towards a more wholesome you.

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