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Arvigo® Therapy Initial Session - $260
(1 1/2 to 2 hours) - what to expect...

Comprehensive review of your health history and current concerns. Posterior sacral work, pelvic alignment, anterior alignment of abdominal organs, conception optimization, self-care teaching, castor oil applications.

Arvigo® Therapy Subsequent Sessions - $150
(1 hour) - what to expect...

Review of your response to the previous session including physical and emotional changes, full Maya posterior and anterior treatment.

Please note that Fullblue Fertility Holisticare is not contracted with any insurance company at this time. If your insurance company allows, you may be reimbursed upon submission of the billing code relative to the service provided.

Before the session: If you have a contagious illness or skin condition please reschedule your appointment to a time when all is healed. For your own protection please avoid drugs, alcohol, and over the counter synthetic medications as they can negatively affect your body response to bodywork.

After the session: Expect change! Nausea and headaches may occur as a result of increasing hemodynamics and the release of toxins from the tissues. Please increase water intake within 24 hours of the session.

After an ATMAT® treatment for women, changes in the first two or three menstrual cycles my occur. This is an indication that healing is taking place as a result of the increased cleanse

After an ATMAT® treatment for men, cloudy urine and ejaculates with debris may occur and resolves in a few days.

Emotional responses vary from person to person.

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Holistic therapy is an investment in our community's health!!

ATMAT® Is Not Recommended:


ATMAT® is offered as a beautiful complement to most holistic modalities, it supports and enhances internal abdominal wellness; however, holistic well-being is a lifelong journey that involves active participation, and is not free from adverse reactions. I am not a qualified medical physician, or naturopathic doctor, nor do I represent myself as such; therefore, do not prevent, diagnose or claim to cure physical diseases, mental unbalances, or injuries. I do not intend to advise against the use of mainstream conventional medicine. No information on this site, or offered by myself, is to be understood as justification for discontinuing any treatment recommended by a qualified health-care professional, nor should it be considered a substitute for consultation within the orthodox health-care system.