Fullblue Fertility Holisticare


With a background in dentistry, followed by clinical Hematology and clinical Microbiology (FL licensed - Miami and Maryland, 1999-2006), I found myself shifting from the conventional perspective of curing a human body's different parts to a more holistic approach that leads to healing instead.

While my family often relied on folk's remedies and herbs to ease physical pain, I did not realize the full potential and depth of alternative medicine until after serving as a federal volunteer in the chemistry and embryology laboratory Research Division of NOAA (Kodiak, Alaska - 2007).

Working with pregnant female alaskan king crabs, photomicroscoping embryological development of eggs, and chemically analysing moisture, protein and lipid values of their reproductive tissues, I realized I was fever fascinated with embryology. I further expanded my studies to the wholistic aspects of the reproductive system, and to balance myself, I matched my intellectual work with practical hands-on techniques; therefore, I became a CAMTC massage therapist, an Arvigo® therapist, and a colon hydro therapist.