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Back in my homecountry, physicians used to make house calls, and it was during one of those calls one snowy night that i received, by our family doctor, my nine year old birthday present: a red leathered covered book with a golden title that read "Signs and Symptoms of Illnesses".

I wasn't exactly excited, but at the same time curiously fascinated about the mystery of the meaning behind those pages. That book jumpstarted me into what I felt was my natural world, a world of ancient roots, and alternative solutions that honor the human body. Today, this world is called holistic medicine. But what exactly is holistic medicine?

From an objective point of view and by looking at the bigger picture, holistic medicine sees the doctor and the patient as one unit on the same wavelength, able to view symptoms in an open way, free from predesigned conventional methodologies and diagnostic hypotheses.

From a subjective point of view, holistic medicine gives patients a chance to become doctors of themselves, to be in touch with their symptoms and the rich background they stem from.

Holistic medicine is one of the most wholesome approaches we have to bring patients back to their balanced ecology which, in turn, allows for the healthiest expression of their genes.

Not only holistic medicine stimulates the natural process of self-healing but it also takes in consideration two equally important dimensions: prevention of dis-eases and maintenance of health.

I am forever grateful to all who crossed my path in the past, and shaped my believes; and to all I will meet in the future, will open doors for me to learn anew.