Fullblue Fertility Holisticare

Personal Philosophy

I strongly believe nobody can imitate anyone else's path to health, because in the end being and feeling healthy is about coming home to rest inside our own unique selves with surprising ease and a sense of belonging.

I understand that individual factors such as spirituality, nutrition, sleep hygiene, movement, posture, sexuality, emotions, connections to others, all integrate mysteriously to create and to maintain health. I also firmly believe that it is crucial for all of us seeking healing to be open to the flow of life by counteracting fears and searching for empowerment; if I had to single out the most vital step necessary for healing to take place, that would be the ability and willingness to change. Healing itself is a process of changing our internal landscapes, and change often occurs when "the dis-ease, the discomfort of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of changing."

Meaningful, deep and long lasting changes always require us leaving our comfort zones, and reaching down into self-discovery. Illnesses are often life changing "gifts"....