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Vaginal Steams

Vaginal steams are cleansings of the uterus, they are done prior to menstruation or just after. Changes are to be expected in vaginal discharge and menstrual blood, these changes are normal reactions of the cleansing effect. Not only vaginal steams fluff up the vagina and cleanse the internal uterine tissue, but also purify the energetic body.

Women from all walks of life store emotional memory in their wombs. Year after year, emotions such as fear, hate, guilt and anger become denser, and the somatization ultimately affects the integrity of pelvic physiology. Vaginal steams provide renewal, let women come closer to their deeper selves, aid in clearing emotions stored in the pelvis, and ensure that negative feelings don't get trapped in wombs.

Herbs such as red clover, yellow dock, lavander, marigold, rosemary, chamomile and others are used. Vaginal steams are done as preventive care, as a complementary modality or as a ritual.