Fullblue Fertility Holisticare


It is one without barriers. I am preparing to begin studies in clinical Embryology and Andrology. I am working towards laying the foundations that will enable me to offer a possible collaboration with IVF fertility clinics:

• To incorporate the wholistic modalities of Arvigo® therapy with conventional IVF techniques is my vision

• To increase the success rates of IVF and IUI cycles is my practical goal.

I see my work as the missing link in the conventional approach to infertility. This is a preconception care program, and an enchanted journey capable of bringing forth an amazing display of power, the power of creation. My objective is to fill a prospective mother with a balanced life energy so she can and will be able to sustain a new life. I see my work as the art of womb's empowerment for the purpose of awakening, and falling into fertility.