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About Us

Hello and welcome ! My name is Liana, and I am honored to witness the healing journeys of many. As a certified abdominal/pelvic holistic practitioner, I am often asked what holistic medicine is. Holistic medicine is timeless medicine, it’s what we offer by working with our hands through energy and touch. I would say touch is the very first holistic medicine.. Within that context, therapists and clients are considered as one unit, able to interpret symptoms in an open way free from pre-designed conventional methodologies and diagnostics. Holistic medicine gives clients a chance to be doctors of themselves, and to be in touch with the rich background their symptoms stem from. It is one of the most wholesome approaches we have to bring clients back to their balanced ecology, which in return allows for the healthiest expression of their genes. Holistic medicine is what I do, perhaps have been doing since a young age unknowingly. Clients are my best teachers, session after session I witness them embracing their wholeness and what they have forgotten about connection and unity comes back in the form of self-love. I see them accepting what is most feared, they find a way to fill the void of old concerns in very creative ways. Through healing, I see them feeling safe in expressing their lights and shadows, and by doing so they become more aware that the present is always perfect as it is… they learn to trust Life.