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Pregnancy Abdominal Therapy

What is Prenatal Massage or Pregnancy Abdominal Therapy?

Prenatal massage, also known as pregnancy abdominal therapy, is a specialized form of massage therapy designed for expectant mothers. It concentrates on the special requirements of pregnant women, handling the pain and physical changes that happen during pregnancy. Pregnancy Abdominal Therapy typically applies gentle, soothing methods tailored to the exact needs and amenity of the pregnant woman. It prioritizes respite, pain relief, and the removal of pregnancy-related stress.

When to Get a Prenatal Massage:

The ideal time to start prenatal massage is during the second trimester, between weeks 14 and 28 of pregnancy, as this is when many pregnancy discomforts tend to peak. However, women can benefit from prenatal massage throughout their pregnancy, provided they have medical clearance. Always confer with your healthcare provider before planning a prenatal massage to make sure it’s secure and convenient for your pregnancy requirements.

Prenatal massage provides more benefits such as decreased back pain, enhanced sleep, reduced swelling, and decreased stress and anxiety. It can be a useful supplement to a pregnant woman’s self-care routine, providing a more comfortable pregnancy.

Rate :

First session

$150 / Hour

Follow up sessions

$120 / Hour